IPM Books: Best books for IPMAT Preparation?

While those who opt for coaching get preparation material from their respective institutes, those preparing by themselves need to rely on third party sources for IPMAT preparation.

The problem with that is, there aren’t enough IPMAT preparation books available out there in the market. So, finding the appropriate resources to follow can be a challenge.

While you can skip all this hassle by joining AceIPM’s entrance preparation course at an affordable price, if you wish to prepare all by yourself, here are the recommended books that you can refer to for your IPMAT preparation:

IPMAT Paper Pattern

Before we jump onto the book recommendations, we need to understand the paper pattern first. As far as IIM Indore’s IPMAT goes, 3 sections totalling to 100 questions of +4/-1 marks are there. The Verbal Ability section consists of 40 MCQ questions. Quantitative Aptitude, on the other hand, is divided into 2 sections: MCQ (40 questions) and Short Answers (20 questions; no negative marking)

For IIM Rohtak, the paper has a total of 120 questions consisting of 40 questions each from Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning. The paper follows the standard +4/-1 marking system.

The only IPMAT specific book available on the market at the time of writing this post is Pearson’s IPM entrance preparation guide by DueNorth Academy. You can start with your preparation by following this book. However, the book hasn’t been updated since quite some time and isn’t much relevant to the current exam pattern. The level of questions given in this book is fairly easy and aren’t a true representation of how the actual exam is going to be. Therefore, you should have a look at a variety of books for each section to better prepare yourself for the exam.

Best Books for IPMAT

SectionRecommended Books
Quantiative AbilityRS Agarwal Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examination, RD Sharma Subjective/Objective Mathematics for JEE, Arun Sharma, Quantitative Aptitude for CAT
Verbal AbilityNormal Lewis Word Power Made Easy, Wren and Martin English Grammar and Composition
Logical ReasoningArihant’s Guide for Bba/Bbs/Bbm 2020
IPMAT books for preparation
Arun Sharma Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude

RS Agarwal, Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examination: For starters, this book is enough to cover all the basic concepts like arithmetic and will help you set a base for the rest of your preparation.

RD Sharma, Subjective/Objective Mathematics for JEE: Once you’re thorough with the basics, you should move on to RD Sharma and try dodging the higher-level questions. Objective Mathematics has a slightly higher level of difficulty so go with that only if you’re extremely thorough with the basic and intermediate level of questions. This book is extremely useful for topics like Algebra and Modern Maths. You can also solve your NCERT prior to jumping to RD Sharma.

Arun Sharma, Quantitative Aptitude for CAT: If in case you wish to refer to the CAT material for preparation, this book will be your best bet. However, limit yourself to solving the questions in LOD 1 only. LOD 2 and 3 is not really required for cracking IPMAT. You still can try your hands at certain questions from LOD 2 though.

Verbal Ability

Word power made easy 1

Normal Lewis, Word Power Made Easy: This book is considered to be the bible of vocabulary for various competitive exams. If you’re thorough with this, you can easily solve most of the vocabulary questions.

Wren and Martin, English Grammar and Composition: A good number of questions come from the grammar section and this book is more than enough to tackle them.

Reading Comprehension: For RCs, I won’t prescribe you any single book but advice on reading articles and editorials from varied genres and get into a habit of reading. Once you’re through with them, you can proceed with solving one or two sets of RCs each day for practice. Don’t solve RCs from CAT as they tend to be longer than those in the IPM entrance. You can find plenty of them online or reach out to us for free practice sheets.

Logical Reasoning

This section is a part of IPMAT Rohtak and is fairly easy. Any basic book which has a competitive level of logical reasoning questions would do. You can refer to any generic BBA entrance preparation book for the same. Practice is the key here so make sure you do enough questions.


You can refer to these books to prepare for the entrance by yourself but it’ll be a hassle to source them all and practice. Moreover, you’d anyway need a mock-test pack of some institute for practice and analysis. 

Alternatively, you can look at our IPMAT entrance preparation offerings which are affordable enough to fit in everyone’s budget while still providing the absolute best content out there. For more information, go through this article to understand the parameters for choosing an IPMAT coaching.

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Book a free counselling session with one of our experts and have all your career related doubts cleared. Also receive a special discount in case you wish to enroll.